Keep it Green

We at Prestos always endeavour to lower our footprint on the environment, we use the latest Realstar hydro carbon machines which is a flagship brand of the FMB Group, the world’s largest manufacturer of dry cleaning machines. Based in Italy, Realstar machines are built in the most modern dry cleaning machine factory in existence in our industry, providing our customers the latest state of the art technology and guaranteeing the highest quality control possible. The Hydro Carbon technology is gentle on the environment using friendly solvents.

Solar Panels litter the roof of our main factory which lowers the reliance on power by more than half of the needs.

We also offer a folding service so not using plastic, we are currently sourcing a new product made of corn starch to cover your clothes which is expected within the coming months.

Water is also reused from the launder machines and used in our soak tanks in order to conserve wastage.

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